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Prenatal and Postnatal Training

Exercising during the prenatal and postnatal stage is encouraged by health care professionals. However, these workouts must be approached with caution- as such our personal trainers are imperative to ensuring you work out safely. Prenatal TrainingĀ  Traditionally women were discouraged from doing physical activity during their pregnancy. However inactivity can be detrimental to the health […]

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning training will help you to reach your peak performance by developing your entire body to reach your fitness goals. Despite this mode of training previously being exclusively associated with athletes, the benefits for the average person are immeasurable. By incorporating this mode of training into your workout you benefit from enhanced strength […]

Beach Body

Have you booked a holiday but feel anxious at the thought of poolside outfits? We can help. We can cater plans to suit your time frame, your goals, and your needs. We believe that every body is a beautiful body, but having a personal trainer on this journey with you will ensure you are consistent […]

Cardiovascular Training

Cardio improves the strength and functioning of your heart and lungs which in turn increases your overall fitness levels. By improving your cardiovascular fitness you will see an overall improvement in your health as the heart and lungs are able to distribute oxygen to muscles all over the body much more effectively. There are so […]

Weight Loss

If weight loss is the question, then exercise is the answer. Using a personalised fitness plan is the best way to propel your weight loss as we can direct you during workouts so that you burn the most calories and build muscle at the same time. Weight loss can sometimes be more of a mental […]

High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training, more commonly known as HIIT, uses short intervals of explosive high energy with short active recovery periods. HIIT is so effective because it teaches the body how to better recover from high intensity exercise which dramatically increases your endurance. From squat thrusts to lateral lunges, this method of training burns the […]

Circuit Training

Circuit training integrates several difference exercises which all target different muscle groups. One exercise may work on your arms, the next your core and the next on your legs- so you get an entire body workout in a short period of time using fun and engaging methods. Because you rest one part of the body […]

Low Intensity Training

As we age, we find that intense workouts can actually become counterproductive and sometimes leave us feeling worse than when we started. Low intensity training is a brilliant solution to this predicament. Some of us justĀ don’t enjoy exercising intensely but still want to feel the benefits of working out. Be assured that we can create […]